• Cleopatra Slot Review

  • Cleopatra Slot Review

    Every time we hear the name Cleopatra, an image of ancient Egypt and the pyramids come to mind. It is one of the most famous historical figures of the ancient world, known to almost any corner of the world. Throughout the years she served as an inspiration for plenty of books, movies, TV shows, theatre plays, and so on.

    The name Cleopatra also served as an inspiration for one of the biggest slot machines franchise in the world. Cleopatra slots is created by IGT and nowadays has a cult status among hundreds of thousands of gamblers worldwide. Arguably, the Cleopatra slot machine has a larger following than the real queen Cleopatra had during the peak of her ruling.

    Cleopatra slot machines also have an authentic Egyptian theme, complemented with ancient Egyptian symbols and music. The first Cleopatra slot game was so wildly successful that a direct sequel was also made.

    Cleopatra 2 was born out of that success. The new game and the original have plenty in common. Both are played with five reels, and both come with a similar bonus game in which the player can have free spins using a multiplier. What’s also common for both games is that they can be played for free. So yes, free Cleopatra slots game for everyone, no matter the location or anything like that.

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    Minimum Bet

    $ 0.1

    Maximum Bet

    $ 10

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